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A Quick Overview of Our Site Content

This video gives you an overview of our site showing the mix of content.  In developing our content the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory framework and The National Curriculum in England: Mathematics programmes of study were used. We also focussed on areas where we know, from our school experience, parents need help.  As for future content, there are a number of discussions running in our Forum where our subscribers can ask for support in areas not already covered.  We always say, 'If you need help you can be sure others do too!'

Content Overview

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A Sample Video: Explaining the grid method and how it is used to record multiplication

Here is a video we have made to explain one of the informal methods children may use when learning how to record multiplication.  This leads eventually to the formal column method of recording that you may remember from your school days.  This video can be found in our links and reminders section.

Reminder videos and posters in this section will help you pull back the maths you learnt from the far recesses of your mind where most of it has been unused for years.  Link videos and posters will show you how this knowledge can be translated into the maths your child is bringing home
for homework.

The Grid Method

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