Headteachers, Maths Coordinators and Teachers

Are you struggling to get your pupils' families to engage with their children's mathematics learning?  

Do your pupils' families think themselves not able to help their children? 

Do time constraints hinder you in supporting these parents?


Do you need help with the maths yourprimary age child is learning? Our website offers many ways of helping you remember the maths you need to support your child with his or her homework.  There are videos, posters and, if all else fails, for individual subscribers, email teacher support. All this for an annual subscription of £29.99

We have the answer

We have created a unique, easy to use and advert free website designed to fulfil Ofsted's requirements to engage parents in their child's mathematics learning that works across all platforms. This is available to schools at a low per capita cost. Contact us for current prices.

Supporting your child's classroom learning

Our website has been designed for you to find the help you may need to be able to fully support yourprimary age child understand the maths he or she is learning in school. It is not intended for use by children.

  • Amazing progress from the hardest to reach pupils.

    Primary school head teacher
  • You tell us, you show us and then you help us to work it out for ourselves. That's why learning is easy with you.

    Y8 student
  • I always look forward to going to them because they always made learning fun.

    Y6 pupil